Carnival's Training Program


Carnival's Training program is called "Carnival Passport"

Click on the button below to register for "Carnival Passport". Once you have created an account or logged into our training program, you’re invited to select New Agent Training from the categories menu to access our latest material for new travel agents.  

When you participate in our training program, you’ll earn credits for each learning activity you complete. Each activity offers a different credit amount depending upon the length of time needed to complete the training.    

We have six levels in Carnival Passport and your credits apply toward helping you move or “graduate” between levels. To become a Carnival Cruis-ader (our top level) there are six levels you will need to complete and a booking component. You'll meet the booking requirement by having four fully-deposited Carnival Cruise Line bookings within a 365 day period. You are required to complete 1,500 credits to advance between each of the levels. The six level programs require you to complete a total of 9,001 credits.

Just like a university, the coursework takes a while to complete, but it’s worth it!  Once you have completed all six levels and a booking component, you are considered a Carnival Cruis-ader and will be eligible to earn a complimentary Seminar at Sea cruise for your effort! (Just an FYI, you can sign up to go to a Seminar at Sea Cruise anytime for an amazing discount if you haven't completed requirements. Some are 7 day cruises for as little as $340!)